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How to Resolve the Windows 10 YouTube Not Working Problem Easily – Part 1. Solution for the Windows 10 YouTube Problem

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It would be so disappointing when you find out YouTube won’t play videos. Ever since YouTube has been one of the main entertainment sources, most people would rather choose to stay home and watch YouTube videos than going to the cinema and paying for the tickets.

Being as the biggest streaming website in the world, it also provides users with access to multiplex media data. Additionally, some advice and solving process are attached to this post. Nearly all of my friends and family members around us could say that YouTube takes an important portion of our daily lives compared to other home activities. Is there anything to blame under such condition?

Well, the reason can be linked to a handful of aspects including hardware, the network, YouTube browser, devices, and the YouTube server. I will list those particular respects for YouTube won’t play videos in the next. From time to time, computer problems can stop the process of playing YouTube videos even it is observed YouTube videos loading but not playing. It is likely to be the firmware is not updated to the latest versions. In some cases, the hardware may have very limited storage to contain the coming cache since the YouTube video cache is a massive file.

So possibly, you need to restart the computer update the system to see if it works. The network is what makes the whole server reachable to everyone. If you realize the YouTube videos stop loading or are without the loading signs, please check your local internet closely.

Generally, you can unplug and plug the modem back to try the network. The router can also be resumed to solve the network issues. Or sometimes it might be just the connection rate is not high enough to support the high video quality stream.

Try to lower the quality standard that fits the data stream. I believe that most of the internet surfers are prone to use Chrome all the time to look through all the websites. Although Google Chrome gains the most users among all the other browsers, some specific browser issues still exist including Chrome itself.

You can refresh the current URL for several times or update the latest Chrome. Probably YouTube won’t play videos caused by some conflict add-ons or plug-ins merged with your browsers. Therefore, try to reinstall the add-ons and clear cache of the browser folder. If the problem of YouTube videos not playing Chrome supported, maybe consider switching to another Google Player alternative browser.

Reason 4. Portable devices could contribute to the problem that YouTube won’t play videos. For mobile phone users, YouTube app is developed and well-designed for better connection and operation on smartphones.

If it is involved with the YouTube application, things can be easier as you have to fix the program directly by shutting down the entire app and start again. Under the circumstances that there could be some overwhelming cache, delete the YouTube cache first then reinstall YouTube on your mobile devices. For some further complicated reasons like multiple crossed issues, please follow the detailed steps below. Tip 2: Use the reload icon to renew the current YouTube page several times.

If this does not work, move on to the next Tip. Tip 3: Check the data streaming rate and change the video quality options. Down to the right corner of the playback window, you will see a gear image which represents the quality. Tip 4: Shut down all the browser process and restart. Close all the tabs and the whole window of the browser and open again. Before restarting, go to the browser information center to see if any update is available.

Keep the latest version and reinstall the browser application if applicable. Tip 5: Clean the cache and cookies to confirm you have enough space.

Next, refresh the page on YouTube. Tip 6: To troubleshoot the issue of plugins or extensions, open a new tab in private mode. Use the secret window to detect if there is something wrong with your add-ons and plugins. Occasionally, the Google account can also because YouTube won’t play videos. Once you find the videos play well via the private window, you would better uninstall plugins as some conflicts may occur.

Tip 8: When the network is serving well, there are some great YouTube video download options for playback offline. This solution will not be running into the YouTube videos loading but not playing problems. Because it utilizes a third-party program to get the complete media source you desire via the internet. Leawo Video Downloader is working as more than a simple YouTube downloader while it merges with in-built browser program as well. Making use of this tool will set you free from locations and devices to enjoy YouTube videos.

Step 1: Download and install the Leawo Video Downloader from the official website online. Step 2: Open the program to have a view of the interface and begin browsing YouTube. The implant web browser will initiate immediately and you will be brought to the YouTube website directly as the default setting. If the default website is not designated, you can type the YouTube address in the location box. Step 3: Pick up and download the particular YouTube videos not playing Chrome support.

If you click on a link to watch the YouTube videos, the software is able to detect all the accessible media sources from the link. There could be more than one downloadable option corresponding to diverse parameters from the video list sidebar on the right. You will be given the chance to view and pick up the YouTube videos by size, resolution, and format. To download the precise one, just click on the download icon at the end of the video file information box.

How to ensure all the downloaded YouTube videos applicable after suffering YouTube videos loading but not playing pain? Here is what highly recommended to play all the YouTube download videos without the requirements of the network. Playing any YouTube content with Leawo Blu-ray Player will let you easily avoid some problems before handed.

At the same time, you can play those video files anytime you like at any place! Leawo Blu-ray Player is an all-functioning media player that provides the best image quality while watching downloaded YouTube videos in any formats. Every parameter is available for modifications; users can switch more colorful skins by moods. Equipped with a number of useful tools, everyone is welcome to experience this high-tech product for free.

What we suggest further is to try out the Leawo Video Downloader due to its excellent performance on downloading all the YouTube videos as MP4 Chrome format. To some extent, Leawo Blu-ray Player will also keep you a good company for all the viewing experience. Free download Leawo. Download Download. Hot Topic. Hot products Prof. DRM V2. DRM for Mac V2.

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Windows 10 youtube not loading free download –


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Windows 10 youtube not loading free download –


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