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I don’t know if you tried it yet but the Free Transform tool doesn’t work either. I still have Illustrator CS 3 installed and everything’s working adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download in that so this is an issue only with the Graphire 3 and Illustrator CS 4.

I have only recently begun to experience the occasional unresponsive Shift and Spacebar when drawing shapes. But this is Illustrator CS3! Intuos 3, Vista I can’t remember exactly when it started or if it’s related to something I downloaded recently like the dreaded Safari 3.

I have another update I am still having the same problems that I was having with the Graphire tablets. If anyone else adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download either using a Graphire or an Intuos 3 successfully with Illustrator CS 4 could you please confirm so I may look for any other possible conflicts on my system?

This is driving me absolutely bonkers! I have notified Adobe читать больше this update also. They did contact me earlier adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download reference to my first bug report. It was the firewall I use, Kaspersky Internet Security The version of Kaspersky I was running was 8. So then I looked for a newer version to see what it would do if I installed it and downloaded v.

Ran that but did not import my older firewall settings Just wanted to update this thread with what the fix was for me in case it helps any one else who may be having these issues. I used the CS 4 clean script to adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download sure all of the trial resources were removed before installing the retail version.

Again, I can’t constrain any shape I create using the Shift key. I am so totally disappointed! Wacom points right back at Adobe. No one seems to have the answer. I reported this back in when CS4 was first released and got nowhere.

I am very frustrated as a designer that uses the product on a daily basis. I cannot use the arrow keys адрес страницы modify the points on a star or polygon it adds loads at once, sometimes 13, sometimes It goes right down to three sides with the down arrow. The free transform perspective modifier ctl-alt-shft sometimes works, sometimes does not. Has anyone come up with a fix? Also right click works fine in basic windows apps like explorer.

Are you talking about right-clicking on the tools in the toolbar? Reply to author. Report message as abuse. Adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download original message. Either email addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member email addresses permission to view the original message. For instance while drawing with the rectangle tool then pressing shift to get a square does not give me a square, all I get is a tooltip balloon saying “shift” same goes with adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download and alt and spacebar.

This only happens while using my wacom graphire 3 not with the mouse. Trying to use the up and down arrows to shange the number of points in a star also not working. Photoshop cs4 does not give me this problem. Using Adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download 32 bit pc game free guardian language, latest Wacom driver 5.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks Strangeflow. I also have a Graphire 3. I also had the latest driver installed, have uninstalled that and downgraded to older driver versions. So far none have corrected adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download problems. Maybe related I’m sorry to make a new post but I don’t see the edit link any longer in my post above.

Found the problem of what was causing the modifier keys not to work in AI CS 4. It had nothing to do with the Wacom tablets or the drivers for those. All the problems I reported before are back :- I am no longer running Kaspersky as it was giving me other issues so it’s uninstalled from my system. I have the same issues and Adobe tells me its a Wacom Issue because the modifier keys a: work fine with a regular mouse and b: because CS3 on this same machine does not have that issue. I just installed an Intous3 and am having similar problems.

Sorry, I don’t have a fix. But I have the same problem. The thing is when I am at work I have the problem of the modifier keys not to working. But when I am at home with adobe illustrator cs4 arrow free download same laptop. The keys do work. So, it could be that it has to do with connection with a network or the internet. Jarrgeerligs, By quickbooks download chance, do you use Entourage for email at work?

If so try quitting it. Something is probably hijacking your keystrokes. Use the Task Manager to look at everything that’s running and see if there’s anything that could possibly be intercepting the keys. I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the control panel for my video card. Another possibility is interference if you’re using a wireless keyboard. Cell phones sometimes interfere with them if they’re sitting close by. It is the Intous3, a known bug. If I make sure the intous pen and mouse are not near the tablet, then I can use a regular mouse and all the modifiers work fine.

That is the only existing workaround I know of. I’m also having this problem of the shift key not working in Illustrator most of the time. If I use a regular mouse, everything seems fine.

So it’s definitely a Wacom problem. Very annoying. Does anyone know if Wacom or Adobe are working on a solution for this?


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